Ear Care

Please note – Brief product guidance below, only purchase the items below if instructed to do so by us and read the description in the listing before purchase. To be used for days (not weeks) before taking further advice. If you have already been prescribed a topical treatment for your ear please consult with your GP or us prior to ordering or using these treatments.  If unsure about anything – please ask!

Audiclean Spray – Made from purified seawater, it gently cleanses the ears by dispersing the earwax and acts as a preventative measure for wax buildup.

Cedis Gel – Low cost aloe vera gel for itchy ears, also helps mould insertion

Cl-ear Ear Relief Drops – Very effective relief for itchy ears due the combination of ingredients. Also effective for softening hard wax due to gyycerol ingredient.

Eargene – Offers a similar experience as Cedis Gel, a little more expensive but more able to tackle more severe issues, helps to rebuild the top layer of skin.

Earol – The most popular choice of olive oil spray for softening wax. Very easy to use even with limited dexterity. A simple yet unique delivery system.

Sodium Bicarbonate Drops – A good solutions for hard wax IF olive oil does not suffice, Earol should always be the first choice as it sometimes irritates.

Earol Swim – Good for swimmers. It has antimicrobial properties and acts like an invisible ear plug, protecting the ear particulary from unhygienic water ingress.

Otinova – Antibacterial and anti-fungal ear spray designed to combat otitis externa. Treats active infections and can work effectively as a preventive measure.

Otovent Nasal Balloon – a non medical treatment to help to overcome mild and moderate middle ear issues.

Sterimar – a natural solution that reduces thick mucus and quickly decongests the nose. Free from drugs, preservatives and steroids.

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